The Authoritative Guide to Student Recruitment

Everything You Need To Know To Get Started on Your Student Recruitment Strategy 

An important part to any admissions office is that of student recruitment. Continuing to be able to admit new students into a school of course allows that school to continue growing. While it may seem to be a very straightforward process, however, it can still get somewhat tricky. The reasons why is that successful student recruitment involves knowing what the ideal student needs and wants and using that to appeal to those students so that they might choose your school over any other potential choices. 

Attempting to appeal to a potential consumer of your product (in this case the consumer is the student and the product is an education) is a form of marketing, which means that developing a student recruitment strategy needs to have some level of marketing. Also like marketing is the need to narrow down your target audience for such a strategy. Depending on the school’s needs or desires, the strategy, or the necessary campaign, may differ.

That is why this authoritative guide to student recruitment is the one you need. In this guide, we will discuss the 7 most powerful student recruitment niches, as well as the strategies that will help you succeed in reaching out to them.

Want to skip to a specific niche? Use our table of contents below to go directly to the type of student recruitment that best reflects your needs or desires.

Table of Contents