The Authoritative Guide to the Multicultural Marketing Funnel

Everything You Need to Better Understand Your Multicultural Customers

Before talking about the multicultural marketing funnel, there is one question that should be asked: what is the marketing funnel and how does it relate to marketing? If you don't know what the marketing funnel is, how can you then turn these same tactics to a multicultural audience?

If you picture a funnel where the top is larger and the bottom is smaller, the marketing funnel works in the same way. The top of the funnel is where you have your broad content, things that can appeal to a wide range of potential consumers because you're trying to attract as many as you can. As you move your customers through the funnel, you'll want to choose more directed content and by the bottom of the funnel you'll have your ideal customers, those ready to by. While a much smaller number than those at the top of the funnel, they make up for it in being interested in your product or service.

How does this change when you consider a multicultural audience? Read our guide to understand the decisions needed at each stage of the buyer's journey.

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