The Authoritative Guide to Diversity & Inclusion

Has your campus embraced diversity? Can you do more?

More in more, campuses are becoming more diverse. Whether this is because of gender, age, race and ethnicity, sexual orientation or many other ways to categorize the student body. As this diversity continued to increase, there are certain concerns that come with it: is your campus embracing diversity, and could it do more? How can you measure how diverse your campus is? How do you start increasing diversity on your campus? 

There are also other concerns, as you build diversity on your campus, such as the chance that some clashes between the different groups occur. How do you handle that while respecting all sides, what should you do in terms of safe spaces and brave spaces?

This guide covers various aspects to consider when it comes to diversity and inclusion, with a focus on the issues mentioned. If you're looking for a specific topic, use the table of contents below. 

Table of Contents