Grassroots Marketing Consultancy Overview

Highbrid’s Grassroots Marketing Consultancy is designed for corporations, colleges & universities and small businesses with a considered offer who need to convert more high quality leads at the hyperlocal level.  

At Highbrid we believe that the future of grassroots engagement is customer relationship management (CRM) integration. Our grassroots engagement ambassador division, dubbed Team Grassroots™ are specialist at bridging the hyperlocal community with the online world. Our Team Grassroots™ ambassadors are bilingual, CRM trained and highly skilled at managing and analyzing customer interactions.

While in the field on your behalf at schedule events or pop-up activations, Highbrid’s Team Grassroots will engage the target buyer persona and cultivate new leads on a tablet via mobile form. These contacts are entered as new leads in real-time into your CRM. Using the strategically designed automated workflow, new leads will receive automated correspondence with sales qualifiers. This model eliminates the need for leads to be manually entered or future action taken. Our digital marketing team will nurture these leads on your behalf in top to bottom of funnel workflows, ultimately marketing qualifying them for your sales team.